I’m Sarah, if you haven’t already guessed from the site title. I first started blogging mainly about my travels following my student exchange at Seoul National University in Spring 2010, thus explaining the largely Korea-centric entries.

As the years passed, I’ve continued to document my trips here (well, as much as my regular life can afford) as well as some of my interests, namely fitness and food. From time to time, I dabble in running, hiking, rock-climbing, POPPilates and dragon-boating. Am also a big coffee fanatic, so expect to see elements of all of these popping up in my trips.

Some countries I’ve been to and may have blogged about include:

  • Asia: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China
  • Europe: England, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Germany
  • Australia/Oceania: Australia

That’s a total of 18 countries, as of July 2017, with the furthest being the European continent. North and South America are definitely on my list, at least within the next five years!

Thanks for stopping by this space and if you have any travel-related questions, or questions about anything at all, drop me a mail at saraaahsays[dot]gmail.com or leave a comment here.


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