Book Review – World of Wanderlust: How to live an adventurous life…

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but with a cover this Instagrammable, it’s hard not to take an instant liking to World of Wanderlust: How to live an adventurous life..

I’ve been following Brooke, or WorldofWanderlust (WoW) as she’s more popularly known, for a few years now. I can’t remember exactly when, but it was a moment of me feeling a tad uninspired at work, searching travel blogs for travel-spiration, (more specifically, yacht week-related articles) when I came across this.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to meet Brooke during a readers’ meetup when she came to Singapore in early 2015 and also joined her for a private trip to Universal Studios Singapore. It’s already been two years, but the conversations we had during the time she was here, stayed with me, and really inspired me to travel beyond my comfort zone. 

As a fan of her writing and blog, I had already purchased most of her e-books before WoW: How to live an adventurous life… came out. (Yes, they were a little on the pricey side but no, I don’t regret those purchases one bit!) Brooke already shares a lot of useful content on her blog, but I like how her e-books consolidates that information and Brooke also value-adds by sharing tips that she’s also picked up from her own journey of being a travel blogger. Think of it as her blog speaking to a room-full of people, but her books speaking to a select, bunch more interested in learning about the nitty-gritty of how she got to where she is today and how you can follow in her footsteps. 

In that regard, Brooke’s latest book World of Wanderlust is pretty much like her existing e-books, but in paperback, and with understandably more visuals. Her book amasses all the amazing photos she’s captured over the past few years of her travels, tips, and recommendations. Most of the photos you see in the book are crowd favourites (those that would have probably gotten her thousands of likes on Instagram) and would probably make you wish you were hopping on the next flight out. 

While I did enjoy the book general, I did feel like some chapters (such as Common Traveller Types and Common Trips to Take) were pretty much done-and-dusted topics which seemed more apt for a general travel website, as opposed to a personal travelogue such as this. Some chapters also felt like page fillers, such as playlists, movie lists and a book list.

What I did love however, were the chapters on Solo Travel and How to take Travel Photos. Most people think Brooke travels with company because her photos always turn out so well, but she’s maintained that most of her travels are in fact, done solo. Her well-executed shots are simply a result of her honing her self-photo-taking skills over the years, and communicating well with whoever you’re asking to take that shot of you. As I’ve opened up to the idea of taking more solo trips, I find both chapters extremely insightful and totally see myself adopting some of these tips on my upcoming trips. 

I also love that Brooke devoted an entire section in the book on How to Escape (without actually going anywhere), because let’s face it, after going through the whole book and her blog, you can get hit by a very, very severe case of wanderlust. But reality check – not everyone has the finances to travel on whim just like that. So yay, hats off to her for thinking about that crowd. 

If there’s a wishlist of sorts for Brooke’s future books, I’m hoping to see more Asia-related content in her books.  She spent most of the past few years exploring Europe and America, as you can probably already tell from her blog content, photos and the book (particularly in the section on Places you must visit in your lifetime). But now that she’s grounded herself more in her hometown Tasmania, running her bakery, I’m hoping this might translate into her travelling around Asia more and hopefully do a follow-up book of sorts covering these travels.

If you’re on the cusp of your next big trip or simply love travelling, this book’s definitely for you. This book came along with me on a recent trip to Tokyo and I found it such an easy read that I finished this within 2 hours. That said, this is also just right for days when you’re feeling a bit dreary about work and when your next holiday can’t come soon enough.

After all, everyone can always use a bit of travel inspiration right?

(You can get a copy of WoW: How to live an adventurous life… off major booksites. I got mine off Book Depository here.)

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