Doing Your Hair in Seoul, Korea

For most people, a trip to Seoul would probably revolve around shopping and eating. In recent years, I’ve found it a must for me to include a trip to the hair salon. For one, doing my hair in Seoul is (slightly) cheaper than having it done in Singapore, and two, it really doesn’t hurt to have extra-nice salon-pampered hair for your holiday photos, yes?

I first chanced upon Chop Hair salon ( back in 2014 through a friend’s recommendation. Since then I’ve made it a point to make it my to-go hair salon in Seoul. The prices are affordable, the locations are central and the service is really top-notch.

On my first visit there in 2014, I visited the main Hongdae branch (which is actually nearer to Hapjeong). However when we went back in 2015, we realised that they opened a new outlet right in the heart of Hongdae, called Hongdae Viola. I really love the feel of the Hongdae Viola outlet. If your hair is done ahead of your friends’, this is also a nice place to chill, have a cuppa and to people-watch, with the bustling streets of Hongdae right below you.

My lovely companions, who are also Chop Hair converts.

Typically when I head there, I would opt for the following  – cut, dye (or root touch-up) treatment and a fringe perm, and I’ve not had to pay anything more than 150,000 krw, which to me is extremely reasonable considering the number of services I opted for. Plus, plus, plus they give you a 10% discount if you pay through cash, how awesome is that? Just remember to bring enough cash with you when you head there. The prices for the services can be found here.

A very happy me after all that pampering!

Oh, a few tips if you decide to head there. First, make a reservation before heading down and let them know what you might want to do. Most of the times I’ve been there the outlet has been quite empty, but you’ll never know. Next, make sure you can speak conversational Korean, or else bring a friend there that speaks Korean. Chop Hair is quite unlike the other popular foreigner-friendly Korean hair salons like Juno where they have people who can speak English and Mandarin, so it helps if you can already speak Korean. After all, you would want to know what exactly is being done to your hair, right?

Now go on and get them awesome tresses!

Chop Hair – Hongdae Viola Outlet
Level 6, 343-11 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Tel: 02-338-0709
Nearest Outlet: Hongik University Subway Station (Line 2) Exit #9

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