Springin’ around Seoul Day 5: Bau House Dog Cafe

Today was my mother’s last day in Seoul with me. I sent her off in the wee hours of the morning to the subway station (right below my apartment, how convenient) and then headed back to snooze. When I got up, I still had some time before some friends that I intended to meet would arrive, so I walked around Hongdae. One thing led to another and I ended up grabbing some honeycomb soft-serve ice cream (yes, at 11am in the morning) from Sweetruck near the main Hongdae street…and then I headed back to my room. Still hating myself for how I stayed cooped up in my apartment instead of checking out some Hongdae cafes. 
At least the ice-cream was good! 
When my friends (actually they’re friends of a good friend of mine, but we’ve all met before) arrived, I brought them to Yoogane at the Hongdae main street. Imagine my surprise when I found out they were also residing in an Air BnB apartment right within the same building as I was! How convenient! Seems like Seoul has really caught onto the whole Air BnB trend! Anyway, Yoogane was good, affordable, but incredibly spicy! I also made the mistake of ordering the wrong type, so we couldn’t do the cheesy fried rice that we usually get at the end of such Dalkgalbi meals. 

I remembered one of my friends, Stella, loved visiting this dog cafe back in Singapore like I did, so I decided to bring them to Bau House, a very well-maintained, and fun dog cafe where there are lots of different breeds of dogs for you to play with. 
I already loved Bau House a lot when I visited it during my exchange days, but the new Hapjeong outlet made me love it a lot more. It was spacious with a huge play area in the centre. Entry is free, but one should minimally buy a drink (which costs around 6000KRW) there. Be careful that the dogs don’t get to your drink though!
What happens when you buy snacks.
A lot of the dogs were new ones but they seemed to have also brought in more of the smaller breeds (and also cordoned them off in a smaller play area). It resulted in us having a lot more playtime with the dogs (previously we were just waiting for some of them to finish playing with the other cafe patrons) and there was also a lot of space for us to interact with them. The staff were also really friendly and prompt with cleaning up messes, so there was almost no smell. The outlet isn’t easy to find though. It is at a black building situated along the main road, but it is at the back, at the basement. Look for signs and you should be able to locate it pretty quick. 

Myself at the play area with the smaller breeds.

The dogs were very well-trained and well-behaved!

This Schnauzer was ADORABLE! He kept doing this begging pose to appeal to us for treats.

 What happened when we decided to get snacks for them too. They literally KNOW the moment you step in and they all swarm towards you.

Really pretty Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Look at her fur!

Stella trying to keep them hungry dogs at bay. Look at the curious Schnauzer at the back!

Possibly my most favourite dog there. The Alaskan was very docile despite being really big in stature. He also loved it when we rubbed his tummy.
We spent almost 3 hours there and couldn’t bear to leave. When we finally did, we shopped a bit at Hongdae before we went back to our apartment. Having never called for delivery before, the girls were keen on trying Chimaek (Chicken and Maekju, or beer), so I asked my Airbnb host if he could order chicken, beer and also jajangmyeon to our place. It turned out to be a lot of food, which we did not finish. 

This was for three?!
Eating delivered food really brought back fond memories of my exchange stay! I also love how in Korea, they actually deliver your Jajangmyeon to you in plastic bowls, and then come and collect it a while later. The guy initially told us he would come by an hour later, but I took one good look at the food, knew one hour was never gonna be enough and went “How about two instead?”. He laughed, nodded and went off. True enough, he came back two hours later to collect the half-eaten bowls from outside our place. 
Sweetruck (Hongdae branch) 
114 Eoul-madang-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Nearest subway station: Hongdae station (Exit #9) 

Yoogane (Hongdae branch) / 유가네 닭갈비 (홍대점)
163-11, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Nearest subway station: Hongdae station (Exit #9) 
Bau House Dog Cafe / 바우하우스 
Level 1 (Rear entrance), Je-il building, 394-44 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea 
Nearest subway station: Hapjeong station (Exit #3 or #4)

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