FIX cafe at Ah Hood Road

My office hood (Neighbourhood around my office, get it?), Novena, is starting to get pretty cool with new cafes popping up in the various nooks and crannies. For the longest time we only had good ole Starbucks. Now we have La Ristrettos at Novena Medical Centre and FIX! FIX is a three-week old cafe located at the poolside of the HomeTeamNS-JOM clubhouse at Ah Hood Road.

The cafe has an extremely casual setting. For a poolside cafe, it is surprisingly not too warm nor does it get a lot of sun, which is a huge plus. (I do however wonder what will happen if it rains and if the rain will get in…) The cafe is pretty small, and seats about 30 people but it was only less than a quarter packed when we were there. My friend went once during the weekend and she also told me it wasn’t too packed (yet).

Before I headed to the cafe I was told that FIX was started by the same people behind Grub so the coffee and food would be good. Though I’ve never tried Grub, the food and coffee at FIX was indeed good, as promised. I love how the cafe charges nett prices, and they have set meals there, so a drink and a main only set us back by $14 nett.

My friend’s Ham & Cheese Naanwich (Naan-sandwich, get it?) and Chocolate Milkshake. 

My Beef and Kimchi Naanwich and fruit spritzer. All naanwiches come with a side of corn tortilla chips drizzled with nacho cheese and salsa, cutely presented in a coffee mug.
While the Naanwiches were an interesting menu item, eating it was quite a chore. I wasn’t too sure if I should have wrapped it in half and gobbled it down, or to cut it into pizza-like slices and savour it slowly. I opted for the latter and unfortunately, as the Kimchi was quite damp, it started making the naan really soft and mushy. The plate was also a little too small for us to properly cut and savour our Naanwiches. (Maybe I should have just wrapped it up huh?) I did however like the combination of the egg yolk, Kimchi and beef – hearty, with a nice hint of spice. 
As we ate, we saw the wide array of sweet treats on display and knew there and then that we had to make space for them. We wanted very much to order two or three to try, but as we were too full from the Naanwiches, we shared a Twice-Baked Sourcream with Cheesecake. I know what you’re thinking, Cheesecake AND Sourcream!? But the combination works. I did find the base a little thin and it tasted too much of cinnamon. (But then again, I don’t like cinnamon very much.) Coffee was good, but oddly my iced latte tasted more robust than my friend’s hot latte. Not quite sure why. 

A dessert and drink cost us $10 nett.

Overall it’s a thumbs up for the ambience, food and drinks. Since it’s so near my workplace, I know I’d definitely be back. Let’s hope the next time I’m back the menu would have expanded to include more main dishes and interesting desserts for me to try!

FIX Cafe
31 Ah Hood Rd 
HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse
Singapore 329979
Tel: 62561484

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