Bangkok 2014: Union Mall & The Never Ending Summer

On our second day, we swam yet again in the morning (what leisurely lives we led), and headed to Union Mall (next to Phahon Yotin BTS) for lunch and an afternoon of shopping. One of the must-haves for me when in BKK is dining at MK Restaurant, a steamboat place. It isn’t exceptionally cheap, but it is good, and cheaper than the MK outlets in SG. The duck dish is pretty aweseome too. They have outlets everywhere, I’ve had it at MBK, Siam Paragon and now here.


Lunch on the left, Union Mall on the right.


Another must-have when in BKK – A&W curly fries and root beer!

This was my first time at Union Mall and I am completely in love with the fashion and variety there. The problem with Platinum is that it is mad packed and tends to have rather repetitive pieces. The variety is also kinda odd at times, and you’d have to scour for hours before finding good buys. For Union Mall, it is less tiring, packed, and while prices are a little higher, it’s not crazily expensive.

My shopping loot – six dresses, four tops and three shorts!
For dinner, CJ’s dad’s friend brought us to a modern, relatively new Thai fusion restaurant called The Never Ending Summer, near Hua Lamphong BTS. It is relatively obscure and parking is pretty limited. There was also quite a long queue when we reached, but we had reservations, so we whizzed past the line. It also happened to be a high school/university graduation day so we saw several groups of families and friends celebrating with their prized graduate in tow.
The restaurant was under a collective known as The Jam Factory, which were all housed in warehouses.
Riverside seating area.


The minimalist interior.


My drink of choice and one of the opening dishes. Fresh, raw vegetables with a spicy, fish/shrimp sauce mix.
We left the menu selection up to the Thais who had been there previously (and reccomended this place) and I’m amazed every dish did not disappoint. The last time I went to a fancy restaurant when I was in BKK (read about my meal at Ruen Mallika here), there were a few misses, food wise. But for this experience, everything was really good and not too pricey either.



One of my favourite dishes! A curry crab paste smeared on rice crackers.






When we were done, one of CJ’s dad’s friends’ had his driver send us to Lebua State Tower so that we could check out the Sky Bar on the 63rd floor. It was there that I realised both CJ and I have a terrible fear of heights. The BKK skyline from the 63rd floor was gorgeous, yes, but we couldn’t stay at the edge of the platform for long. The drinks there were really pricey too. We paid about almost 600baht (S$20) for a cocktail.


The famous Dome. Also featured in Hangover 3.
The skyline and the river running through the city.
We had another drink at another bar at the rooftop and then we proceeded to Route 66 at RCA. It was the day right after the curfew was lifted and the partying crowds were all out in full force. Route 66 expanded their external seating area quite significantly from the last time I was there, but the drink prices remained relatively constant. They also renovated the huge females’ washroom and have since incorporated a live singing, all-male band inside the powder area of the toilet. Something to look out for when you’re there though we got quite a shock.
The next morning we headed to Siam Paragon to do a little last-minute shopping. I also got to take a tuktuk for the first time in my life, though it was really overpriced (200baht for a 5 minute journey, as opposed to a 150baht cabride for a 15 minute journey we took earlier in the day).




Before long, it was time for us to head back. We flew Thai Airways back and I tried to nap on the flight though I was disturbed (yet again) by a girl sitting behind me who tapped really hard on her touchscreen. We flew back on a Sunday so I was really dreading the work day ahead and wanted as much sleep as I could get. Note to self, either fly back on a Saturday or take leave the following day if ever flying back on a Sunday.
My ‘special meal’ order. I opted for the seafood only option just so I’d get my meal served earlier. 😡
Till next time BKK!

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